The Pumarejo Bridge will be the longest and most modern bridge built in Colombia until our days. With a total length of 3240 m (2250 m in the main axis + 990 m of viaducts for connections and access routes) and a height of 45 m above the Magdalena River to allow the passage of large vessels, it will connect Barranquilla to Magdalena. It will be a very safe structure against earthquakes and for heavy road traffic, 38.2 m wide for 2 ways with 3 lanes each + 2 foot & cycle lanes.
BERD’s M1-70-S was manufactured meeting the strictest quality requirements and is currently being assembled so that the construction of the Pumarejo Bridge deck can begin soon. BERD’s M1-70-S, equipment of cutting edge technology, is equipped with OPS System and was designed to work almost autonomously. It will execute the bridge’s seventeen 70 m current spans, with a width of 16 m, and BERD also supplied equipment (cantilever machine) for the enlargement of the deck to 38.2 m.
The construction will be completed in 2018.