The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) is a virtual dynamic library that integrates multiple sources of knowledge focused on sustainable development. A publication designed for the future, which is meant to be a global guide to professional practice, education and raise social awareness about the critical issues of life support. Coordinated by the UNESCO-EOLSS Committee, this project has benefited from contributions of more than 8000 reputed authors from nearly 100 countries. EOLSS presents itself as the result of a global effort which attempts to forge pathways between disciplines in order to solve contemporary problems. BERD’s Movable Scaffolding Systems are outlined on page 22 in the Civil Engineering – Bridge Erection Machines chapter, for the use of the innovative Organic Prestressing System (OPS) inspired by the human muscles. Given the significant reduction of internal stresses and deformations, BERD’s Movable Scaffolding Systems are different from conventional systems. Its lighter and functional structures allow an increase in load capacity and its constant monitoring system brings highest levels of safety.

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