BERD’s Movable Scaffolding System M38-I has recently finished the construction of the two decks on the Neckar Bridge in Heilbronn, Germany. Integrated in the A6 Motorway, this bridge was built in a very particular way in several stages, thus ensuring that traffic was not interrupted on this communication route, one of the most important, between Western and Eastern Europe.

The MSS M38-I carried out the construction of the two bridge decks, a total of 1644 meters in spans of 38 meters in 9-day cycles. The first bridge deck was built in its final position, on the definitive pillars, and the second in a lateral position, on temporary pillars, so that the transversal shifting process of 21 meters to its final position can be carried out.

Due to the highly industrialized process, construction with BERD’s MSS was faster than expected, ensuring always high construction quality, deformation control and high levels of safety.

To learn more about this project, follow the link.


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