BERD has recently supplied two Movable Scaffolding Systems for its very first work in Brazil: the construction of a section of East Rodoanel, in São Paulo. The M30x2-S is a Double Span Overhead Movable Scaffolding System with OPS, specially developed for the construction of two viaducts, each of them of about 1600 m of extension, located over the Tietê River. This equipment was developed in a context of great productivity and geometrical requirements. The need to perform a plan view of tight radii of curvature and transverse and longitudinal tilt variations led to extremely versatile equipment. On the other hand, this equipment has some automatisms that allow us to simplify the operation; an example of this is the capacity of bending in plant during the casting, rapidly adapting the formwork to the paths of the deck. Another characteristic is the transport of the pre-assembled framework of the deck, thus allowing a significant reduction of the work cycle time. This equipment, in situ deck casting, is not common in Latin America. It allows the construction of deck bridges up to nearly 60 m per week, that is, 4 times faster than the traditional method that only allows the production of 60 m per month. Along with the advantages of time and quality, the M30x2-S causes less impact on the environment as it avoids, mostly, ground contact ensuring the area preservation.

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