On 15 August the Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, visited the works of the East Section of Rodoanel, where M30x2-S is currently operating. The M30x2-S, a Double Span Overhead Movable Scaffolding System with OPS, was specially conceived by BERD for the construction of two viaducts, each of them of about 1600 meters of extension, between Itaquaquecetuba and Suzano. This equipment, unique in Latin America, differentiates itself mostly because of the fast construction, which is four times quicker than the traditional method, among other advantages. According to the Governor, “to build this viaduct we have a new technology that came from Europe, an added value for Brazilian engineering, that allows that the work that normally took one month to be done decreases for one week” and “…it doesn’t interfere with the plains of Tietê River, preserves the nature, doesn’t cause water logging and keeps the environmental status of the land”.

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