BERD’s first Launching Gantry, LG 50/100, specially conceived for the construction of Anita Garibaldi Bridge in Laguna, Santa Catarina State, is currently operating in Brazil. Laguna Bridge is a notable work for its grandiosity, with 52 spans, 2 of 100 meters, 1 of 200 meters and 49 current spans of 50 meters each. BERD created this Launching Gantry, with OPS System, to build the 49 current spans, span by span, in a weekly cycle, using precast segments with no need of formwork or precast in situ. Operating since September, LG 50/100 was assembled in 8 weeks and is currently building the 11th spam of the Northern section of the bridge. The end of this section (33 spans) is predicted to May 2014.

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