After the construction of Sokolov and Opatovický Canal Bridges, in Czech Republic, M45-S is being used for the 3rd time for the construction of two viaducts located on the D1 Road, between Fricovce and Svinia, in Slovakia. The viaducts have 4 and 6 spans and a current span of 45 meters. Originally, the M45-S was conceived for Pi cross section bridge decks, however, as requested by the client, BERD made the refurbishment study that adapted the M45-S to a box section. This adaptation, only with some small adjustments, was possible due to the flexibility of the original transversal structures Additionally to the refurbishment study, BERD also provided all assistance that the client needed to operate this movable scaffolding system. The works started in the beginning of October and currently the machine is in the final cycle of the first viaduct.

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