MBS by BERD won, in the final days of 2018, a contract with the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications for the supply of 125 modular bridges to be placed around the country. During the execution of this contract, an additional order for a lot of 23 bridges was signed, making a total of 148 bridges provided by MBS to the Peruvian communities.
The total time of execution needed for this supply was around 9 months, from January to October of 2019. By middle June 2019 MBS by BERD delivered the 1st lot of 36 bridges in Paita, in northern Peru, and in August a second lot of 89 bridges arrived at Lima. The last extra lot arrived also to Lima last October, completing successfully the total delivery 30 days prior to deadline.
With this project MBS by BERD launched a new concept of bridges and made its presentation in four training courses that took place in Lima from October to December. With more than 100 attendees overall, among which project managers, consultants and installers, the 1-week course comprised a theoretical and practical professional training. During the course the modular character & fast and simple installation of the bridges was demonstrated with the assembly and launching of two bridges of 19.6 m and 61.6 m span.
The first bridge assembly is already taking place! Updates will be available soon… Keep following us!

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