MBS Steel Modular Bridges in Peru
Today we smile! The installation of the Modular Bridges that MBS supplied to Provías Descentralizado in 2019 is making good progress.
Due to the pandemic situation in the world, the installations scheduled to 2020 have suffered some delays but today the Peruvians already have 6 MBS modular bridges installed.
After the installation of Silaco Bridge in March last year in the districts of Chimbán and La Ramada, two of the most deprived districts in this country, the installations were suspended and only restarted by the end of 2020.
In Pozuzo district two prefabricated steel bridges have been installed: Santa Matilde and Yanahuanca. These bridges have already been opened to traffic just in time to support circulation during the rainy season.
In Puno and Cusco tree more bridges that are supporting neighboring populations to move safely and comfortably have been installed.
In the department of Tacna, a flood of the Locuma River caused severe damage to two bridges and affected the populations of Sagollo, Huancarane, Oconchay, Mirave, Ilabaya, Chululuni and Alto Camialaca. The 2256 inhabitants of this region already can transit over the newly installed Chipe modular bridge and, in the next few weeks, will take place the Sagollo bridge installation.
The processes for the installation of more than 40 MBS Modular Bridges in 2021 are in progress.
Today we smile because we keep connecting communities, improving quality of life of populations.

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