Visita governamental
Last month, Turkey’s Transport Minister, Mr. Ahmet Arslan, visited the High Speed Rail Ankara-Sivas works.
To build the four high-speed railway viaducts, with total length of 6151m, BERD supplied two movable scaffolding systems (MSS): M55-S for 45 m current spans and M1-90-S for 90 meters spans.
Mr. Ahmet Arslan mentioned that it is the first time, in Turkey and the World, that a 90 meter span is applied to MSS construction and that, with this system, construction becomes very economical and fast.
The M1-90-S, the largest MSS of our days, was created by BERD for this project. It’s a fully autonomous equipment, lifting the supports by means of own overhead cranes, due to the elevated height of the pillars.
Currently, M55-S ended the first works phase and is being dismantled to start, soon, the second phase. M1-90-S is in the second span.
In this project, BERD’s solution already allowed astonishing cost reduction in the viaducts construction.

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