The M1-90-S is the largest movable scaffolding system in the world designed by BERD for the construction of four of the thirteen viaducts belonging to the High-Speed Railway Line that will link Ankara to Sivas.
Two equipments are being used in the construction of the four viaducts with a total of 6,151 m, in order to reduce construction time: the M1-90-S for spans up to 90 m, and the M55-S for spans up to 55 m.
The M1-90-S is entirely autonomous, lifting the supports using its own overhead cranes. Equipped with OPS system, which enables lighter equipment, the M1-90-S is constructing 90-metre spans. This equipment allows extending the maximum span of 78 meters of its predecessors to 90 meters.
The M1-90-S successfully completed its first viaduct (V15) last month. It is currently being dismantled in order to be reassembled in the first quarter of next year on the next viaduct.
Follow link to see the trailer of the movie of this equipment in operation.

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